Top TV Picks: September TV Series Season Premieres We Are Dying To See

July and August are somewhat dry when it comes to the TV series line up. Most shows are on hiatus and we’re left with some of our lesser loved shows. However, the September fall season premieres promises not to disappoint, with a line-up that is sure to cheer you up! Unfortunately September is a while away, so you can find the best slot games to play here in the meantime. Slots are a super fun way to keep yourself entertained this summer –and you stand to win some money too! You will also find slot machine games themed with your favorite TV series, such as Game of Thrones.

South Park

Season premiere date: September 14th 2016.

What we love most about the show: South Park is almost everyone’s favorite adult humor animated show. We love the writers’ ability to consistently keep the show current and make some really salient political statements.


Season premiere date: September 19th 2016

What we love most about the show: Two words: Tom Ellis. The hunky British actor who plays the lead of Lucifer Morningstar is a treat to watch! The storyline and concept is very original, and it is particularly interesting to see Lucifer grapple with human emotions and moral dilemmas.

Brooklyn 99

Season premiere date: September 20th 2016

What we love most about the show: This half hour comedy is just the thing you need to de-stress after a long, hard day at work. The plots are always captivating and the characters are hilarious; ensuring laughs galore!


Season premiere date: September 21st 2016

What we love most about the show: Black-ish is arguably one of the cleverest television shows of the last few years. The comedy about a middle class African American family tackles serious issues such as police brutality and stereotypes in a humorous way that still keeps the message strong and facilitates dialogue in families at home who are watching.

Grey’s Anatomy

Season premiere date: September 22nd 2016

What we love most about the show: If you are still watching Grey’s Anatomy after all these seasons, it is safe to say that you are emotionally bonded to the characters and it’s just too late to stop watching now! Shonda Rhimes does a great job in producing popular well-loved television.

How to Get Away With Murder

Season premiere date: September 22nd 2016

What we love most about the show: Another gem from Shondaland productions, How to Get Away with Murder joins Grey’s Anatomy in the TGIT (Thank Goodness it’s Thursday) lineup. The show boasts a great storyline that is both thrilling and captivating, as well as amazing actors including Emmy Award winning Viola Davis


Season premiere date: September 25th 2016

What we love most about the show: Quantico is a fast pace drama that always keeps you guessing. It is so well produced, with strategic flashbacks being one of the show’s hallmarks. The last season left a lot of questions unanswered, so fans are desperate to see what happens next!


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