Tom Jane Returns As The Punisher In Short Film #DIRTYLAUNDRY

Why must they tease me with a short film like #DIRTYLAUNDRY? The Punisher is my absolute favorite comic book character and yet he’s one of the most troubled when it comes to making a film that sticks both with audiences and at the box office. Thomas Jane did a great job with the character in the 2004 film The Punisher, but the script was weak and the direction was a little soft, especially for a character that is known for his brutal violence.

Lexi Alexander and Ray Stevenson paired up for the 2008 film Punisher: War Zone, which I thought nailed the gritty environment and gracious violence, but was more or less an over-the-top version of the character that played out like a comic book. I still think War Zone is the better of the two, but I’m still holding out for a film that balances the violence and darkness of the character with a hopefully well-written story that digs a little deeper into the mythos of The Punisher.

The short #DIRTYLAUNDRY has no affiliation with Marvel or the actual character of The Punisher, yet it still kicks all sorts of ass. Jane reprises his role as Frank Castle and what starts out as an innocent visit to the local laundry mat quickly turns into a one man wrecking crew serving up hot plates of punishment.

Watch it below and spread it around. Make sure to use the hashtag #DIRTYLAUNDRY. There’s nothing I want more in life than another Punisher film on the big screen. Don’t you?

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