Tom Holland Confirms ‘Spider-Man’ Trilogy, Director Jon Watts Signed On For Two

Sony and Marvel are really giving it their all in terms of keeping things positive regarding Spider-Man: Homecoming, despite the character being rebooted twice in less than a decade.

Early reviews have been extremely positive and Marvel/Sony has not let up on the marketing and advertising. Have they shared too much or are they capitalizing on the positive buzz surrounding the film?

Star Tom Holland recently went on record, stating that there will be a trilogy of Spider-Man films, which isn’t really that much of a surprise.

What is a surprise is that director Jon Watts has claimed that he is signed on for two films. Marvel is notorious for switching out their directors, aside from Guardians of the Galaxy.

The fact that Watts is signed on for two films means very little. They could get rid of him, similar to how they handled things with Lord & Miller on Han Solo, or they could decide to keep him around, much like how The Russos have been pioneering their Captain America and now Avengers films.

Also, there’s this new UK poster that is worth sharing:

Source : Collider

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