Todd Farmer Mentions My Bloody Valentine 3D Sequel And Halloween 3D

Writer Todd Farmer; known for his work on the Nic Cage cheesefest Drive Angry and the 2009 horror film My Bloody Valentine 3D, has been busy at work writing various scripts, but recently he had the chance to give Bloody-Horror-Movies an update on the status of two big 3D horror projects; Halloween 3D and the My Bloody Valentine 3D sequel.

The first film already has a script in the bag since 2009 and was originally planned to film before Drive Angry, but The Weinstein’s never did anything with it. Farmer mentions in his interview that they’ll probably need to start shooting very soon if they want to meet a Halloween release date this year, otherwise it’ll end up sitting on the shelf.

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen with Halloween. We still talk to the Weinstein’s and the executives there often; pretty up in the air. Back in ’09 we wrote Halloween 3D, and we wrote it to be shot before Drive Angry. And it was decided that it was just impossible to do that financially,” Todd asserts before addressing that rumored seasonal date for a Halloween 3D release, “They probably need to start shooting. If they’re gonna make an October date, they probably need to make something happen. I’d love to see it happen. I don’t mind if it does with somebody else; just whoever does it… you know, it’s Halloween! It’s one of those movies that made me who I am.”

So the chances of a Halloween 3D film coming soon are pretty slim, but what about a sequel for the successful 2009 horror film My Bloody Valentine 3D? It was one of those 3D films that hit before the big craze and it managed to scrape up an impressive $100 million worldwide. Farmer mentions that they pitched a sequel to Lionsgate about a week before the film was released and they sounded interested. The film was left open for a sequel, so why hasn’t anything come of it? Check out what he had to say below.

“At the time there was a lot of discussion [about a sequel]. We designed it so that it would be – that we would leave it open. As a matter of fact, I assume at this point everyone listening has seen the movie, or should have seen the movie, but spoilers ahead: the main cast survives.” states Farmer. “We did that on purpose. We set it up for a sequel, and we went into Lionsgate a couple of weeks before the release and we pitched the sequel, and they loved it. We had it all worked out: It was gonna take place minutes after the original. That was our plan and everybody loved it. Then the movie came out, and the movie was huge. It did great here, it did great overseas. Then the oddest thing happened… The guys in charge of Lionsgate didn’t want to do a sequel. They had their reasons; we heard dozens of reasons, I don’t know which reason is the real reason, but they didn’t want to do a sequel. And everywhere we went around town people just assumed that we would,” Farmer elaborates. “They just didn’t want to do it.”

So it looks like that’s another dead end. What’s the deal? I remember when horror films (even those shitty remakes) were getting greenlit left and right. Now we’re lucky if we even get a PG-13 supernatural film in between Paranormal Activity sequels. While I wasn’t really looking forward to Halloween 3D, I still kind of wanted to see what another director could do with the material. I actually liked Rob Zombie‘s remake, I just didn’t care for the sequel.

My Bloody Valentine was a fun 3D film before 3D overpopulated theaters everywhere. It had plenty of boobs, blood and gore to satisfy any horror hound. A sequel sounds like easy money for Lionsgate, so why haven’t they jumped on it yet?

What are your thoughts on the matter? Did you see/like My Bloody Valentine 3D or any of Zombie’s Halloween flicks? Do you want sequels? Am I just crazy?

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