Title, Plot & Actress Confirmed For Judd Apatow’s Next Film


I like Judd Apatow. I really do. I thought The 40 Year Old Virgin was hilarious and I sort of enjoyed Knocked Up to an extent as well. I mostly like him for how he’s managed to bring such great talent to the big screen. Freaks & Geeks led to the breakouts of James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel and many many more talented actors and actresses finding their way in Hollywood and most of that can be contributed to Judd Apatow and his eye for talent.

This is 40 kind of stunk the first time around, but I recently revisited it on HBO and found myself laughing a great deal. I still think that it has problems, but I enjoyed it a lot more than I originally did.

So now, news of his latest project, which has been titled Train Wreck, are starting to sound more and more like something I’d enjoy.

It’ll star Amy Schumer, a relatively unknown that’s found some success doing stand up on Comedy Central. She’s had a few brief movie roles, but this will be her first time starring and writing in a major motion picture.

Here’s the brief plot:

A basket case who tries to rebuild her life, but still to be found are her boyfriend, a best friend/co-worker and a parent.

Brief, I know, but still, it gives us hope for another Apatow original film. Hopefully this one puts him back on track as a comedic director with a strong voice and hopefully this one makes way for Schumer.

Source : THR

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