Tim Miller Exits ‘Deadpool 2’, Plus The Director Short List For Replacements

Deadpool is still one of the highlight’s of the year for me. It was both funny and action-packed and it finally delivered on a character that Ryan Reynolds has been trying to make right ever since the horrific X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

It was also super successful, which means Fox wants a sequel and they want it now. They’ve also awarded Reynolds more creative control, which has led to the respectful departure of Deadpool director Tim Miller.

Apparently he and Reynolds had some disputes in regards to the character of Cable and who will be playing him, which has left us director-less.

Names have been flying all over the internet these past few days, including Drew Goddard and even John Wick co-director David Leitch.

I’m sure more names will pop up as time grows, but for now — I’m totally digging these two choices.

Goddard penned The Martian and directed The Cabin in the Woods, while Leitch is obviously known for his John Wick fame, not to mention the upcoming sequel.

Who do you want to see direct Deadpool 2?

Source : Mashable

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