Three More ‘Man Of Steel’ TV Spots To Better Prepare You


Man of Steel is hitting on June 14th. That’s just a few short weeks away.

We’ve been covering the film rather extensively, with posts regarding trailers, posters, photos and general news.

Man of Steel is clearly one of our most-anticipated films here at The Daily Rotation. I can personally tell you that it’s a toss up between that and Pacific Rim for me. One of the two is going to blow my mind this summer.

Zack Snyder‘s latest team-up with Christopher Nolan has received three new TV spots today.

Surprisingly, they all include new footage. I’d almost suggest not watching these, if you don’t want to spoil too much of the “good stuff”. I’ve watched ’em and I don’t really regret it, but I could see a casual fan getting sick of too much exposure to a film of this size.

Man of Steel can’t come soon enough.

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