Thor Review

Thor is awesome. It’s so unique and fresh when compared to other Marvel films. It’s the first big Marvel character that isn’t grounded on Earth. He’s from another realm and director Kenneth Branagh is not afraid to show it. The visuals are very pleasing, the acting is great and the action is explosive. Thor has a very simple story behind it, but that is part of what helps make it so successful. They never try to accomplish anything unreachable. Everyone involved manages to bring their best to the table and it really does show. Thor could have easily been a failure. It could have been a horrible start to the new batch of Avenger films and it could have made Marvel the laughing stock of the studios, but it delivers! It’s the perfect balance of what you love in a comic book movie. It has tons of action, a great and likeable lead and some really good humor.

Thor is about the god of thunder who is cast out of Asgard, the realm he resides in, because he leads an attack on the frost giants. It’s all a bit confusing, but Thor’s dad, Odin (Anthony Hopkins), is the king of Asgard. Odin defeated the frost giants a long time ago and has restored peace and order in their realm, but the frost giants have managed to break into Asgard to retrieve an item that Odin took, which would cause the frost giants to regain power and possibly lead an attack to Asgard. Thor leads an attack to the frost giant’s, hoping to destroy them once and for all, mainly due to his brother, the evil Loki who will do anything to be the next king.

After Odin finds out that Thor led this attack, he banishes Thor to Earth, where he is supposed to learn humanity and regain his powerful hammer. While Thor is banished to Earth, his brother Loki is trying to take the crown from his father by assisting the frost giants in any way possible.

The rest of the story falls in to play perfectly. Thor meets up with Jane (Natalie Portman) and makes a plan to get his hammer back. While Thor is doing this, Jane is trying to figure out where he came from and what the hell is going on.

Thor is full of very incredible visuals. The shots of Asgard are so different than your normal summer action affair. Thor gives off a very mystical feeling and it almost reminded me of Lord of the Rings. The CGI was noticeable, but never too distracting.

The acting is top notch. Chris Hemsworth captures the essence of Thor. He’s loud and rude when he’s on Earth and he’s determined and powerful when he’s in Asgard. He manages to capture both the look and feel of Thor. Natalie Portman plays the scientist Jane, who doesn’t really do much in the film aside from helping out Thor find his way around Earth. The chemistry between the two actors is definitely there, but they really hold it back for some reason. I do wish that they would have gone a little deeper in their relationship, but I guess that can be saved for The Avengers or possibly a Thor sequel. Anthony Hopkins phones in his role with Odin, but that’s not to say he was horrible. His presence is always felt and he did bring power to the character of Odin. The last actor worth mentioning is Tom Hiddleston, who plays Thors brother Loki. Loki is a very relatable character and I think Hiddleston really did a fantastic job bringing that out. Loki is just a brother that’s jealous and power hungry. He’ sick of being in Thors shadow and sometimes you can’t help but to feel bad for the guy.

The action is incredible in Thor. It’s completely insane. You have one scene where Thor is flying around fighting tons of frost giants and then you have another when he’s destroying a bunch of SHIELD agents at a compound. It stays consist with the film and you never feel cheated. From the opening scene to the grand finale, Thor is one spectacle worth seeing on the big screen.

The biggest thing that worked in Thor was the comedy. You can’t watch Thor without embracing every comedic aspect of it. Thor himself plays as the comedic relieve for most of his time spent on Earth and really how else could you do it? Would you not get a laugh out of seeing a huge man wearing a red cape and acting like a Viking? I was very worried that they were going to try and play this one too straight forward, but luckily they embraced the silliness and still managed to give us a solid film.

Overall, Thor is probably the most unique Marvel movie I have yet to see. It breaks the boundaries and it’s full of action and scenery. The story may not be original or deeply thought out, but it works very well with the characters. The comedy is hilarious and the 3D is definitely worth the price upgrade. IF you can see this thing on an IMAX screen, then do it! The only disclaimer I would have to put about Thor is that if you’re not a fan of the source material or this sort of realm traveling sci-fi/action then you probably won’t enjoy it. It’s the most “out there” Marvel film yet and that’s what makes it feel so fresh, but if it’s not your thing then I doubt this is going to change your feelings on the matter.

Thor – 8.5/10

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