Thor 2 Loses Patty Jenkins, Marvel Considers Others

Marvel had heads spinning when they managed to turn Thor into a viable, modern day franchise like they have with so many other comic book characters.  When they succeeded, fans were glad, but at the same time, gave the impression of “let’s not push it, though”.  So when they went looking for a director to replace Kenneth Branagh, they were looking for someone more into high art than superheroes.  Many agreed with Marvel when they hired Patty Jenkins to do the job, but now it looks like it just won’t work out as she has left the project.

Not on a sour note, it seems, as she is apparently in talks to helm a different comic book film for Marvel instead.  It still leaves the time-sensitive Thor 2 without a director, and since Marvel has big plans for all of their franchises, it looks like they’ll get someone quick.  Names that have apparently been tossed around include Jim Jarmusch and Wim Wenders, although I wonder if they would actually be interested.  I suppose only time will tell.

Do you think Thor 2 has a chance at being a worthy sequel?  Let us know!

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