Thor 2 Coming In July 2013

Disney and Marvel are moving ahead with a Thor sequel, which is scheduled to hit theaters on July 26th, 2013. That sounds like a long ways off, but it really isn’t if you consider that The Avengers will be hitting next year on May 4th, 2012. So that gives us another year after that before we go back into Thor mode!

With the announcement of Thor 2 also came the news of director Kenneth Branagh not fully returning. He has had the option to direct the sequel, but he chose to be a producer instead. I’m not sure if this is really bad news because even though Branagh did give us a great film with the first one, I did get a little annoyed with some of his camera techniques (Dutch Angles). As long as Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are coming back then you got me sold!

Thor was really awesome. I liked how it managed to blend the crazy world of Asgard with the more real and grounded world of current comic book movies. I really didn’t think Thor was going to mash well with Iron Man and Hulk, but it surprisingly did. While Thor was a great movie, it did have its flaws, mainly the stuff on Earth with Natalie Portman. It felt like they spent so much time and detail in Asgard explaining Thor and his surroundings, but when it came to him landing on Earth the story moved along a little too quick. The relationship between Thor and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) didn’t feel that authentic, even though Hemsworth and Portman certainly had chemistry. Plus, the battle between Thor and The Destroyer was rather weak and it really sort of hurt everything the film had going for it.

Still, Thor was a bad ass movie and I’m all for a second one if they give us more Asgard, more Thor and hopefully more of a balance between Asgard and Earth.

(via Hollywood Reporter )

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