This ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Teaser Is Puzzling

I’m a fan of The Walking Dead. I still need to catch the last season, but everything I’ve seen up until this point has held my interest, despite the series taking a dip in quality here and there.

It’s not the greatest show ever and it’s definitely not the best piece of zombie culture out right now, but it works and I enjoy it enough to keep coming back.

The AMC spinoff series is scheduled to hit this August, titled Fear the Walking Dead.

It’s suppose to lead up into the show, with new characters and stories.

Today, we’ve got a look at one of the teasers for the show and it’s kind of puzzling.

It just feels wrong, showing not a single zombie or moment of terror and instead focusing on some stranger running away from something in quite a hurry.

I figured they’d show off a little bit more than this, but it’ll have to do until the show hits.


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