Third Trailer For ‘The Suicide Squad’ Finally Has Me Sold

I don’t know if that’s the most fitting title, but I will admit that there’s been something off about all of the promotion for James Gunn‘s upcoming sequel/reboot The Suicide Squad.

The film is no-doubt going to be leaps and bounds better than the abomination we got years back (known as Suicide Squad), yet every trailer has left me wondering what’s wrong.

I’m all for the collected cast and the R-rating and the “men/women on a mission” pitch, but the first two trailers just had a weird feeling of trying too hard, despite some of the jokes and material landing hard with me and many others.

But now this third trailer has popped up online and I am completely sold. Between Stallone’s bird comment and Cena’s starfish question — I am 100% ready to see Gunn’s version of a modern-day DC movie.

The Suicide Squad opens in theaters and debuts on HBO Max this August. Checkout the trailer below:

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