Third Trailer For ‘The Conjuring’ Reveals A Bit Of Back Story


I’m really looking forward to checking out James Wan‘s latest horror film The Conjuring. Most of the trailers have successfully sold the spooks and scares by way of frightening imagery and slow-burn tension and reveal.

Wan is the current master of scares when it comes to actually making horror that doesn’t simply rely on blood and gore.

This third trailer is the weakest one yet, because it chooses to focus more on the real-life back story and not so much the film itself. It’s troubling, because the pacing and tension are both ruined due to the over-used voice-over and constant shift between in-film characters and real-life people that inspired the film.

I’m still looking forward to seeing the film and I hope it lives up to the hype that has been forming ever since it first started screening for critics and audiences.

Check out the third trailer below:


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