Third Trailer For G.I. Joe: Retaliation


Alright, let’s try this again. Jon Chu‘s G.I. Joe: Retaliation was supposed to see its release last June, but Paramount abruptly pulled it for “post-conversion” 3D purposes. Now we’re finally starting to see the relaunched marketing campaign to help sell the film’s March 29th release.

This means new posters and new trailers, which feature new angles for the film’s new 3D aspect. I also couldn’t help but notice Channing Tatum‘s sudden spark of involvement.

It was pretty clear from the last batch of trailers that his character was going to get killed off, but now I’m questioning whether or not Paramount has brought him back from the undead to fight alongside Dwayne Johnson, Andrianne Palicki and Bruce Willis.

We’ll figure out soon enough.

Check out the new trailer below, followed by a new poster:

[springboard type=”video” id=”623961″ player=”dlyr002″ width=”600″ height=”365″ ]


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