Third Theatrical Trailer For Disney’s ‘The Lone Ranger’


I’m still holding out for Gore Verbinski‘s The Lone Ranger, even if almost all of the trailers have sucked. I’m getting a John Carter vibe here. I loved John Carter, despite it having some truly piss-poor marketing on Disney’s behalf.

Perhaps they just don’t know how to sell Armie Hammer to the public or maybe Johnny Depp‘s weirdness has finally taken its toll on the studio? I don’t know what their problem is, but The Lone Ranger is looking like a lot of unexpected fun, with hidden hilarity around every corner and even more CGI action set pieces.

I’m a bigger fan of practical work, but I believe in Verbinski and I think that what we’re seeing now isn’t finished and that the film will look much more clean and polished come July 3rd.

Am I the only one excited for this?

Check out trailer number three below:

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