There’s Going To Be Klingons In The Stark Trek Sequel

I really enjoyed J.J. AbramsStar Trek remake/reboot/sequel thing. I never cared for the original TV show or any of the films that spawned from it, but I thought his vision for the brand was refreshing and something that works for fans and non-fans alike.

People have been going nuts trying to figure out who the villain or villains in his Stark Trek sequel is/are and I for one don’t see what all the fuss is about.

The MTV Movie Awards slipped this image (via Trek Movie) that shows Abrams, with a screen in the background that has a Klingon on it! I don’t even know what a Klingon is (don’t hate).

Knowing nothing about the Stark Trek world gives me a unique advantage going into the sequel. I only really have the first film to compare it to and not the rich Trek universe that the die-hard’s keep hoping Abrams mines from.

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