Theatrical Cut Of ‘Suicide Squad’ Is David Ayer’s Vision

The word is out on WB/DC’s Suicide Squad and it’s not too great. Most of the reviews are coming across the board as either rotten or mediocre, while audiences are reacting slightly more positive, but not by much.

This turns things back to director David Ayer, who has gone on the record to say that the theatrical cut of the film is indeed his true vision.

Sure, the Blu-ray will without a doubt feature deleted scenes, but right now it’s not sounding like there’s going to be a drastically different R-rated cut in the works or any sort of Ultimate Cut for that matter.

I’m sure Ayer is just playing nice for the time being, but I honestly want to find out if there is a different cut of this film lying around somewhere.

One of my biggest complains with the film was the constant shift in tone and the fact that it felt like almost two entirely different movies.

Time will tell.

Source : B.M.D.


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