‘The Wolverine 3’ Probably Going To Be Rated R

I’m really confused with the titling of Fox’s most popular X-Mutant movies.

The first film was X-Men Origins: Wolverine and it sucked all sorts of nasty, while James Mangold‘s much superior sequel was simply titled The Wolverine.

This latest piece of promo for the upcoming sequel suggests that it is also titled The Wolverine, only with 3 slashes in the background.

Does that make it The Wolverine 3?

Anyways, the film is currently rumored to have an R rating, which might spark some controversy given the character’s PG-13 nature on film.

Some say Deadpool‘s smashing opening might be to thank, but I believe that Mangold (who is returning for this one) and Hugh Jackman have been rooting for an R ever since The Wolverine dropped on Blu-ray, with an even better unrated cut, which would’ve earned an R if released theatrically.

I really enjoyed that cut, which inserted a few new moments and added some blood/longer cuts during previous action sequences.

The Wolverine is three fourths a solid character study that’s not afraid to dig a little deeper, while the ending sort of deflates everything before it.

Here’s to hoping that Mangold and his writers have learned a lesson or two and fixed the errors moving forward with what is said to be Jackman’s last go as Wolverine.

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