The Weinsteins Remove Halloween 3D From Release Calendar

Those holding their breath for Halloween 3D might want to rethink their game-plan, because Box Office Mojo is reporting that the long-awaited Halloween sequel has been pulled from the release calendar. Their tweet mentions that it has been pulled from its October release and slapped with the unfortunate TBD tag.

That means the film won’t be going into production anytime soon. I’m not sure what The Weinsteins are planning on doing with the film. It’s going to eventually get made, but when? The remake and its sequel made decent money at the box office, despite the lack of quality from Rob Zombie‘s direction.

They’re probably waiting it out to see how 3D does this year. It sparked up pretty fast, but was quickly hated within a few short years. It looks like 2012 is the year of 3D testing, as most films that post-convert are getting trashed while native 3D is getting praised. Maybe they actually want to film this thing right?

Mike Myers and the Halloween legend is too classic not to being getting a sequel, but the horror world has been concentrated on found-footage films made on the cheap (see The Devil Inside), not household horror icons. Despite pulling in decent cash both Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th remakes never got the go-ahead for sequels, so Halloween not coming back isn’t all that shocking.

Were you looking forward to Halloween 3D this fall?

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