The Warrior’s Way Review

The Warrior’s Way is a very bad movie. It’s pretty much a mash up of 300, The Matrix and Ninja Assassin. It doesn’t really try much harder to be anything else. Instead of making something unique, it just keeps ripping off from those films. There’s nothing you haven’t seen before in this film. It’s boring and poorly made.

The acting in this film is terrible. I wasn’t expecting it to win any Oscars, but I was expecting it to be average. But no, we don’t get average acting, we get BELOW average. They manage to spit out some dialog that I have never heard anyone say. Their accents sound extremely forced and pointless. Half the cast is speaking in old school western while the rest are speaking in regular English. The main lead plays the usual Asian role. He doesn’t speak English very well and he doesn’t say much but, when he does, it makes NO sense whatsoever.

The story in this one is almost non existent. A ninja kills his clans enemies. By killing them I do mean ALL of them. Minus a baby. So instead of killing the baby like everyone else, he decides to have a change of heart and become a CARING ninja. He takes the baby and trades in the ninja job for the American dream… a laundry man! Little do we know that our hero isn’t that great at folding shirts or cleaning pants! But that doesn’t matter to the rest of the cast. They just like having a token Asian man in the town to make fun of. This boring story keeps going until about the last twenty minutes of the film, where his own clans ninjas come after him for taking the baby. He along with the townsmen must defend off the evil ninjas and this army that has a knack for taking the town’s women with the cleanest teeth. Don’t ask me, I didn’t write this horrible script.

One thing that could REALLY save this movie would be some old school violence. A fun splatter fest or something, but no, they decide to give us barely anything to have fun with. Almost every kill consists of our main hero running at an enemy with a sword, from that point he slashes at the enemies chest real fast and keeps on moving. The only blood we see is a quick CGI spurt that disappears before it hits the ground. We don’t see any of the actual wound or anything. Where Ninja Assassin was fun, this movie was bad. NA was able to give us buckets of blood and body parts. That damn ninja slaughtered people in the most ridiculous of ways. This ninja just slashes him quickly and moves on with his day. So not even the violence can save this piece of garbage.

Besides the short running time, only one other thing can give this thing a positive note, and that would be the character known as the general. He’s the leader of this army that raids the town a few times. He’s so damn evil! It’s to the point where it’s laughable. I think this guy was the only one trying to entertain an audience. He kills a whole family in front of everyone, he plays deadly games with the towns people and he takes any women with clean teeth. Cookie cutter bad guy much?(minus the teeth) Again, that was what made him enjoyable. The rest of the cast is dull and lifeless.

I don’t recommend this movie to anyone. It’s poorly written, acted and directed. It’s not original in any way and it’s almost insulting. I do recommend renting Ninja Assassin if you want to have a good time with some ninjas. Otherwise, stay as far away as possible from this movie.

The Warriors Way – 6/10

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