‘The Walking Dead’ Videogame News

With the growing popularity of The Walking Dead on AMC (and in comics, too) the franchise has proven itself a money-earner across a few platforms.  Now, developer Telltale says they will release the game as early as next month, right now they’re going through the process of getting the game certified on X-Box Live and PlayStation Network, and once that happens, episode 1 of the game will be released, which should be about 6 weeks from now.  This is only the first entry into what is planned as a 5 episode adventure, and I assume the rest will be released on the same networks.

The game will not only be on the X-Box Live network, as well as the PlayStation Network, it will also be available for PC, Mac, and iOS, so fans will be able to play it, no matter their choice of device.  There should be a solid release date shortly, in the meantime, next week the first videos of gameplay should be online, so we’ll keep an eye out for you and be sure to pass along the news when we hear it.

(via IGN)

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