‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff Series Gets A Name (And Image)


I recently finished up watching the entire Breaking Bad series, while also catching up on the latest and greatest from Better Call Saul and The Last Man on Earth. I thought I was all caught up on T.V. gossip, especially knowing that I was only one season behind on The Walking Dead.

I swear I’ll watch it…once it comes to Netflix.

Anyways, a spinoff series has been cooking over at AMC, with two seasons confirmed: one for this summer (6 episodes) and a longer one for sometime next year.

Today, we’ve got a first-look at the series (see above) and a title, which is Fear The Walking Dead.

I like it. It’s simple and to the point and should help separate itself from The Walking Dead, while also obviously displaying its connections to the show. It’s suppose to follow new characters and new stories, outlining what happened before the virus breakout and maybe some day leading up to The Walking Dead.

Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens star and I absolutely cannot wait to check this show out, after finishing up The Walking Dead of course.

Are you looking forward to it?

Source : Twitter

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