The Wachowskis To Direct Justice League Movie?

The last we heard about a live-adaption Justice League film was that WB offered the gig to Ben Affleck, who probably turned it down to focus on more adult-oriented crime dramas, like his recent films The Town and Gone Baby Gone. I’m sort of glad that Affleck is already out of the picture, because having him takeover such a big property would have only hurt his career in my opinion.

Moviehole is reporting that Warner Bros. offered the film to The Matrix directors Lana and Andy Wachowski. The two are responsible for giving WB one of the most successful trilogies of all time, but they also later went on to make the disastrous Speed Racer film.

I’m not sure if the pair would be the right fit for a Justice League movie, especially if WB wants the tone to match or be similar to The Dark Knight Trilogy or even Green Lantern. The Wachowskis are too creative for their own good and would only make a Justice League movie that probably would end up getting cut up and butchered by the studios higher ups. I just don’t see them making the film that they want to make, if they even take the deal.

Would you want them to direct a Justice League movie?

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