The Underground In Ohio: Dismemberment – The Condemned EP

Welcome to yet another new column, The Underground In…, where I will be taking a look at unsigned, unknown, local, or beginning bands trying to make it in this overwrought sea of musical saturation.  If you or anyone you know are in a band that falls into any of those categories, or are just looking for some more exposure, contact me at DAVID@THEDAILYROTATION.COM and I’ll gladly give your album/EP/song a listen and throw some reviews and accolades/criticisms (I have to be honest, you know) your way.  I personally know how hard it is starting out in any industry, let alone as a metal band, and will do what I can to help get some more well-deserved exposure to the little guys working their way up.

First up is the debut EP from Ohio death/thrash band Dismemberment.

Right out of the gate you can tell that is going to be one hell of a dirty and thrash-filled romp.  The title track, “The Condemned”, surges forward at a solid pace with appropriately shredded guitars, ripping drums and a throaty black metal-esque vocal delivery.  Surprisingly the production is pretty top notch for a self-released album; the mix is well balanced, no one instrument overtakes the others, the drums sound clean and heavy and the guitars are discernible and wracked with distortion, just the way I like it.  The instrumentation is clean and comes off very practiced and professional, which is often rare in a band’s very first release, so there’s a great amount of potential in this thrashy opus.

The album manages to keep things pretty interesting throughout, shuffling from thrashy death with “Possessed”, to slow churning grooves in “Triumph Of Death (Plague)” that insists on you banging your head as much as any old school Morbid Angel jam.  “No Peace On Earth, No Rest In Hell” is a smooth instrumental track that serves to showcase the band’s proclivity with their instruments; the solo at the end of the song is in fact quite tasty.  While “Cryptic Isolation” takes us right back into the frill with some shredding riffs and blistering drumming.  It’s also worth noting that these guys have a great sense of structure and songwriting.  The songs flow very well and no time change or tempo shift seems out of place, and that’s typically a rare quality with most up and coming bands.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing on here that will surprise you though, and I’d say that’s my one criticism.  It’s very straight forward thrash/death and follows most of the already predetermined formulas.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, these guys definitely know their history and in terms of playing in your face metal they do it very well.  There are times when you just want to listen to some fast, heavy, and chunky metal and Dismemberment definitely deliver on that front.  With the ever-expanding revival of thrash still making serious headway as of late, I will say it’s nice to see a band firmly in touch with their roots and inklings towards expansion on the already established genre.

Overall, if you’re looking for something to satisfy your thrash-tooth, these guys are a good bet.  The Condemned is a solid debut from a promising young band that I can only see progressing and refining their already illustrious sound.  This is exactly what I look for when discovering new bands and although it’s by no means groundbreaking it definitely carves out a solid path for the band to follow.  I will be very interested to see what these guys do in the future as there’s a lot of talent in this small town quartet.

You can stream the entire album at their Bandcamp page, or show your support and buy it for just $5.  It’s definitely worth giving a shot for any fans of old school death metal and thrash.

The Condemned EP – 8.5/10

Track Listing:
1. The Condemned
2. Possessed
3. Triumph Of Death (Plague)
4. Dementia Decay
5. No Peace On Earth, No Rest In Hell
6. Cryptic Isolation

Favorite Song: No Peace On Earth, No Rest In Hell

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