‘The Transporter Refueled’ Gets A Trailer, BUT WHY?!


Jason Statham‘s Transporter series was never anything too special. The first two films had their moments, while the third was mostly a faded memory that we have all tried to forget. But one thing that all three films had in common was Jason Statham and his constant on-screen charisma as an action star. He made the films decent and without him I just can’t imagine what kind of film they could make.

But then they went and made The Transporter Refueled, starring Game of ThronesEd Skrein. And then they released a trailer, which I’ve shared below and must warn you not to even watch, because it’s bad and beyond the normal standard of bad.

It looks boring too, which is never a good sign for an eye-catching trailer.

Why oh why does this film exist?

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