The Tourist Review

There’s something that I like about The Tourist and I am not sure why. The movie is pretty basic as far as the story goes, but the way it’s executed is just different. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

The story is pretty basic. An average man gets thrown into a not so average situation. Jolie’s character is the woman of a very important person name Alex. Alex is on the run from the police and owes some mobsters a lot of money. He gives Jolie’s character instructions to find someone who looks like him and make everyone else believe it is him. Enter Depp’s character. I am so use to seeing Depp play a weird role involving him to switch up his accent and wear makeup, but in this case he is just an average tourist. From this point the story leads you on a few wild chases and a semi predictable ending. I enjoyed this movie for what it was, but make no mistake that it’s a pretty average affair. It would make for a great rental or matinee.

There are several things that really work in this film. The first being Johnny Depp. His character is so different then his usual picks that its refreshing. I like seeing him playing a typical man who has no ideawhats going on. He also adds several moments that were naturally funny. If Depp would have been played by any other actor I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed this as much as I did. Another thing that I liked about this movie was the pacing. It’s not your typical double team comedy/action like Knight and Day or Mr. & Mrs. Smith(Love K&D). This one plays more like a slower romantic mixed with a little action and comedy. The pacing is slow, but not in a bad way. Just go in expecting a nice little movie. Nothing action picked or full of super spies. Another thing I must mention was that the relationship between Depp and Jolie in the movie felt genuine. I honestly believed the situation was happening as the movie went along. I never felt like it was too far fetched at all.

Now onto a few things I didn’t enjoy. First and foremost is the music. It doesn’t fit the film AT ALL. The score felt like it was done for a heavy romantic drama. There are a few scenes that your chuckling at and then BOOM… your hit with this heavy orchestra. I found myself confused at those moments. Another thing would be Jolie’s character. She doesn’t really do much of anything. She helps Depp get out of situations, but she never does any hand to hand combat or any of the things were use to seeing her do. She just felt like she was in the background watching as Depp stole most of the screen. I guess you could argue that she was just portraying the character, but if your going to hire Jolie than give us some action! Now I can easily look over Jolie’s character and I might be able to stomach the poor music chose, but again they give us a predictable ending. There really was no other way to end it after watching the first 20 minutes. You are given the lay out of everyone and it starts heading for the obvious. I wish they would have went in a different direction, but at the same time I am not sure what could have been done. Regardless, the ending as I stated is a bit predictable and most viewers will probably excuse it due to the type of film this is.

Overall, the movie manages to show us again how awesome Johnny Depp is, he really does manage to steal the show. Everything else kinda sits in the average area. It’s worth checking out, but no need to race to the theater opening week. Let it play awhile and catch it when it’s five bucks(Monday – Thurs at AMC) or just skip it and wait for rental if it never really interested you.

The Tourist – 7/10

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