The Three Stooges Review

The Three Stooges is the latest comedy from the duo that brought you classics like Dumb and Dumber, Me, Myself & Irene and There’s Something About Mary. In their latest film The Farrelly Brothers have decided to provide a modern audience with an updated take on The Stooges, played spot-on by Will Sasso, Sean Hayes and Chris Diamantopoulos. If you’re asking me what films Hayes and hippopotamus are from the answer is I have no freakin’ clue, but Sasso was on MADtv, if that counts for anything anymore. The film doesn’t reinvent the wheel or provide any real gut-busting laughs, but it actually isn’t nearly as flat and unfunny as the trailers make it out to be. The Three Stooges is a film that you don’t particularly like, but at the same time you don’t hate it. It exists for the fans and that’s about it.

Larry (Sean Hayes), Curly (Will Sasso) and Moe (Chris Diamantopoulos) are the infamous Stooges. After years of living at an orphanage they must venture out into the real world and come up with $800,000+ dollars to save the orphanage from going under. They’ve never really gone out into the public before, so naturally this adventure is going to be somewhat of an experience for them. From that point on they get into all sorts of crazy situations, like helping a man kill his lover’s husband, fish farming and at one point they end up on Jersey Shore for a little bit.

The Three Stooges plays out in separated acts, with opening credits similar to the shows. The Stooges themselves run into each other as well as animals, people, cars, bikes and whatever else you can think of. They knock each other over, hit each other with hammers and do all sorts of crazy stints that only the Stooges could pull off and for that the movie kind of works.

The humor is EXACTLY like the previous Stooges shorts/skits, so you should know before buying your ticket if you’re going to like the film. I’ll admit that their brand of humor was never my thing, so I didn’t warm up to the film, but I was surprised by how harmless the whole ordeal was.

Sasso carries the film as Curly, but his two buddies fill the shoes respectfully. All three guys are doing their best Stooges impressions and it almost naturally feels like the real deal, but some of the humor is just too childish/dumb. I’m not sure what kind of audience would really laugh at some of the stuff they do, but I guess there’s a crowd for everything.

One person I really didn’t care for in the film was Larry David. His role felt like an annoying and tired attempt from the get-go and having to see him struggle through the rest of the film really knocks off some points. I’m not sure why David even bothered with the film, because not one single line is delivered with any comedic timing whatsoever. He’s just wasted talent.

This review may be kind of vague and lacking of any detail, because the film itself isn’t that detailed. It’s just a string of Stooges gags tied to a thin story that doesn’t really develop the film. The attempt at emotional sappy stuff isn’t played too serious, which is a blessing in disguise. The film keeps things moving quickly and never brings the mood any higher than a light and mindless little flick.

That’s not to say the film works wonders on that basic level, but it isn’t nearly as bad as it looks. The trailers are all cut up and presented in an odd way, making the Stooges humor feel forced, but when you’re watching the film you’ll be surprised by how easy it can be to laugh, occasionally.

Like I’ve said before, I didn’t hate the film, but I did not by any means like it. I wouldn’t even say I enjoyed it, but I couldn’t find a reason to really hate the film when looking at it from its target audience’s perspective. It gets the job done.

The Three Stooges – 5.5/10

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