The Thing Red Band Trailer Hits the Net!

There has been much speculation about the prequel/remake/reboot of the classic John Carpenter remake/reboot The Thing, oddly also titled The Thing.  Much of the negative buzz surrounding this film has come from the changed release dates (it was supposed to be out in March) and the rumors of heavy reshoots and last minute edits.

While I personally don’t see the point of doing this film, I figured maybe it could be something interesting since I love the concept, but early trailers left me unimpressed.

Today Universal Pictures released a red band trailer for the film, including a little taste of some of the CGI gore and transformations, which are severely underwhelming.  See for yourself:

Usually red band trailers are exciting and give a taste for what’s to come in terms of violence, but this one is so slow the punctuation of CGI violence is completely underwhelming, meaning the one thing that could save this film, the creative gore and action sequences, might not be worth paying for.  Terrible marketing decision.

The Thing comes out October 14th, 2011 in theaters nationwide, where we’ll see what the audiences think.  Does this trailer disappoint or are you still excited to see this one?  Let us know!

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