The Theatrical Experience – “Scary Movie”

It’s been a little while, but I’m finally back with the latest edition of “The Theatrical Experience”, where I’ll be recalling my moviegoing experience for the movie Scary Movie from 2001.

Every summer, my parents, grandmother, and cousins would go on vacation in Lake Tahoe, CA/NV.  While the adults gambled and played on the lake, my cousins and I went off on our own adventures, and this year, we ran into some of my cousin’s friends from San Jose, who happened to be in town.  So the group of us headed to the closest theater we could find, the Horizon Cinemas by Wallace Theaters is where we ended up on July 5th, 2001.

We each paid $8 for the 9:45 PM showing of Scary Movie and I remember the theater was packed to the gills.  I distinctly remember sitting on the floor in the aisle because the theater was so full, and theater management couldn’t find all of the theater hoppers, so we sat on the ground in the aisle, because we really wanted to see it.  We were compensated with a free ticket for another movie, which will be my next theatrical experience article.

I remember, at 16, that I really liked this film.  It was the pop culture sensation of the day, a re-invention of the Zucker Brothers’ best films from the 80’s, but from the pop culture viewpoint of the Wayans BrothersThe enitre theater laughed throughout this one, and we didn’t even mind sitting on the floor in the aisles, because we so badly wanted to see this movie.

Upon reflection, I can barely even watch the first two Scary Movie films without cringing, the third and fourth are just unbearable.   However, I remember how feverishly we all talked about Scary Movie after we had seen it, with plans to use our free tickets to come see it again.

At 16, Scary Movie seemed like a refreshing take on the spoof formula, but now, it’s just another entry with a modified formula.   Either way, it was a memorable experience, not only because we sat on the floor, but also because this was our first outing from the house where we stayed in Lake Tahoe, and we had friends from home with us.  This was a memorable turning point in my ascension to adulthood.  Just too bad the movie itself doesn’t hold up as well as the memory does.

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