The Smurfs Top Cowboys & Aliens (Friday Box Office)

In a kind of shocking event The Smurfs topped Cowboys & Aliens on Friday at the box office. Most sites were putting Cowboys & Aliens at the top, even with Captain America: The First Avenger following in second, but boy were they wrong.

The Smurfs brought in an estimated $13.3 million dollars on Friday, which beat out G-Force‘s $11.5 million on the same Friday in 2009. While The Smurfs is no mega hit like the usual Disney/Pixar films, it still is showing some success. I didn’t realize people still cared about the blue people enough to go out and see them on the big screen. I guess the kids will sink their teeth into anything they can get their hands on this summer. Next week’s numbers will tell the real tale of The Smurfs.

Cowboys & Aliens came galloping in second place with an estimated $13 million. Not too far behind The Smurfs, but a little low when considering the fact that BoxOfficeMojo and lots of other sites were saying that  this would have to open in the $50 to $60 million dollar range to be considered a good weekend. It’s looking more and more like the $30 million dollar range for landing point.

Captain America: The First Avenger fell to number 3 bringing in $7.9 million. Lower than Thor‘s second Friday, $9.1 million, Captain America is still doing pretty good considering the fact that it’s almost across $100 million domestic.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II clocks in at number 4 with $6.625 million dollars, bringing its domestic gross over 300 million dollars. I bet Warner Bros. will be happy with this one when it’s all said and done.

Crazy, Stupid, Love closes out the top 5 with $6.6 million. Not too shabby when considering what it had to compete with, but I really want to know the budget of the film. Sometimes these romantic comedies come with a high price tag, like last year’s flop, How Do You Know. Let’s hope this one wasn’t made for too much as I thought it was enjoyable and I’d like to see it do well.

That does it for Friday! Stay tuned for the weekend box office sometime on Monday!

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