The Raid Sequel To Take Places Hours After Original


One of the single best movies of 2012 and hands-down one of the best action movies of the past decade is Gareth EvansThe Raid: Redemption. I’m still trying figure out how he managed to pull off one of the most brutal and action-packed films in years.

The good news is that he’s coming back for a second film and it will take place just a couple of hours after the original concluded. For those that have already seen the film I must say that this proposes a lot of interesting ideas and directions that Evans could take the now-series in.

The sequel is titled Berandal and it will feature the return of star Iko Uwais. Aside from that not much else is confirmed, unless you consider someone mentioning that it will have even more action to be a plot reveal or something.

Oh, and they start shooting on January 19th!

Source : Twitter

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