‘The Purge’ Moves Back A Week


There have been so many damn release date changes as of late. First, it was Sony’s After Earth, which got bumped up a week and now it’s Universal’s horror film The Purge, which has just been pushed back a week.

The Purge was slated for a May 31st release, but will now bow on June 7th, putting it up against Joss Whedon‘s Much Ado About Nothing. This gives the film an incredible chance to make some decent coin in an otherwise packed-tight summer.

After Earth‘s movement forward was to ensure it enough time before WB owns the summer with Man of Steel.

And just in case that one doesn’t get you then keep an eye out for Pacific Rim, which drops just a month later.

WB will own this summer, but it’s nice to see the other studios shifting their films around to give them their fair shake.

Source : Bloody-Disgusting

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