The Production Line: The Experiment

So this is a new article I am looking to try out. As some of you may know from reading my bio on the bottom of my posts, I am an aspiring audio producer. Or at least I attempt. I’ve always had a thing with music. Constant ideas running through my head. So I went out and bought some equipment necessary and put my novice production and music playing skills to the test. Plus, this site needs more FREE music. And yes, that is me in the picture.

I start my series of articles off with most lengthy piece. The Experiment was inspired by listening to Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd, which pieced together, is a 26 minute slow jam with different sections to spice things up. I heard that and thought I must make something like this. So I went to work in my home “studio” to cook something epic up. This song I would say is broken up into 3 different parts: The movie score-esque introduction building in tension, The slow jamming experimental rock middle piece that can be thought of as the actual song, and the creepy solo guitar with echoed whispers. Those three segments add up to a whopping 11 minutes. Don’t worry, I tried to make it as easy to listen to as possible. One thing I have noticed with long songs is they tend to repeat themselves too much, which I tried to stray from in some way or another by adding something to give it more space and make it different from the last part.

Some interesting production notes: The high pitched chain like sounds you hear near the end was actually me recording myself crackling a water bottle. I then too the sound and EQ’d it, taking out the middle to low end to take away the sound of a hollow water bottle and I cranked up the high frequencies to make it sound like something completely different.

So without further annoyance from me, here is my original “The Experiment” up to listen and download!

The Experiment by PwWilly

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