The Production Line: Seether “Tonight” Remix

This week is a remix of Seether‘s upbeat song off of Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray, “Tonight“. Sometime last week, Seether tweeted about a contest through Indaba Music. The contest gave you the bass, guitar, drums, and vocal tracks of this song to download after you enter the opportunity. So me, being a Seether junkie and having the tools to do such project, took action and signed up.

First off, here is the original song:

So where to begin with this song? I wanted to keep the vocal structure the same and incorporate all tracks, just to use all my resources somehow. I pretty much began by muting all the tracks besides the vocal track and working from there. I loaded up a bunch of software instruments from orchestra strings to creating my own synthesizer sound. My main focus was to start out soft and finish strong.

As the song went on, I un-muted some original tracks. First was the bass in the first chorus, to bring you up to pace with the original tempo. Then after the chorus I brought in the drums to bring the upbeat feel of the song into play. The guitar doesn’t come in until halfway through the bridge, just to ease it in for the big finale chorus. After the original song ends, comes my favorite part. There is a soft, echoed piano that plays the melody that the synth played for the chorus. Soon I bring back the strings and what sets this ending off, the vocals. I copy and pasted the chorus vocals and put a shit ton of reverb on it. I was greatly satisfied with the result.

As for mixing, I didn’t have to do much to the original tracks. They were already mixed to perfection. For this, I wanted the vocals to shine and flow smoothly. So I put some delay on his vocals and some reverb so make his voice unbelievably soothing. Everything else fit well. Some minor equalization fixes here and there and I have a finished product.

Interesting production note: The last part at the very end of the song is the piano line from Seether‘s “Forsaken“, which is one of my favorite songs off their new album.

I am probably boring you with my incoherent rambling, so here it is!

Seether Tonight (Happy Pancake Mix) by PwWilly

Also, I would much appreciate it if you guys could vote for my remix on their site. Email confirmation is needed. Thank you! (Yes I made this for publicity so I can get votes. Help a brotha’ out)

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