The Production Line: Glitch + Grinder

Hey there fantastic readers (or reader…), I am back after a little break from these to bring you more! I feel I have to compensate for not doing one in a few weeks so I shall unleash two tracks into your face vaginas. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad!


So this is one of my personal favorites that I have made. I think it is rhythmically awesome. By that, the rhythm is all over the place. It also slows down and speeds up within a bar. It starts out just like any other of my rock/metal-ish jams. Drowning in reverb and delay. By the “bridge”, lets call it, I start infusing some techno synths in there. From there, it turns into this evil techno rock fusion with distorted guitars, edgy synth bass, and a shining arpeggiator scrolling up and down the spectrum. My favorite part is the ending. I took a guitar riff and chopped it up to make some crazy rhythm. I was proud of myself on this one. I think it turned out really well.

So here is my tech/rock/metal song by the name of Glitch.

Glitch by PwWilly


This one was my most recent one. I had just got an M-Audio Oxygen 25 MIDI controller and I wanted to test some of the features out. Before, I didn’t have a pitch bend or a modulation wheel on my old Yamaha starter keyboard, so I took advantage of that. I thought, what better way to utilize MIDI than make a thumping club hit? I picked the most disgusting sounding lead synth I could find and make some sick hook out of it. I just kept adding stuff to make this track fit. By the end of the structure of the song, I had this huge mess of electro/techno/club shit. I didn’t have any character. So I plugged in my Schecter C-1 FR and made some gut churning guitar riff using my Floyd Rose tremolo system. Now it sound perfect. I would call it an angry club song.

Interesting Production Notes: This was the first song I utilized a gated reverb snare. Pretty much what that is is you take the snare sound you are using, put a lot of reverb on it to make it sound like its in a damn cave or something, then you take a noise gate (audio dynamics device that attenuates volume at a certain level) and put it on the reverb so you cut the decay of the long reverb off. My only example is nearly any snare sound from the 80’s.

Anyway, I won’t hold you any longer. Here is Grinder for your listening pleasures.

Grinder by PwWilly

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