The Office To Conclude After Season Nine

Everything has to end sometime, and August 21 was the day that executive producer, Greg Daniels, announced that The Office will come to its conclusion this year. While some fans are shocked at the news, others feel this news has been forthcoming.

Season nine is going to be different than previous seasons. Zap2It reports that there will be a lot of familiar faces returning to the show. This news is exciting for Office fans who have been following the show, and the question is this: Who will be coming back? Well, we know that David Wallace is back, since he bought out Sabre and turned the company back into Dunder-Mifflin in Season eight’s finale. It is also reported that we will be taken to Roy’s wedding (I wonder if Jim and Pam will be there!).

Another huge question is that of Steve Carell’s return as Michael Scott. Bluntly stated, the answer is that no one knows. The producers welcome the return strongly, but there are no promises due to Carell’s schedule.

Of course the office sweethearts are going to have a big year, too. Jim and Pam drama is going to be back for the season, and according to Zap2It, we as fans will be pleased with what comes out the season.

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