The Muppets Review

The Muppets is one of the better and more refreshing movies I have seen lately. Though, my recent inventory contains a Twilight flick, Adam Sandler‘s theatrical suicide, and a rehash on a paranormal level. It’s good to see something fun and fresh come out of an iconic children’s show.

I’ll admit, I never watched The Muppets. At all. They were a little before my time and no one really showed me any of their stuff. I’ve always known about them and understood them. Just never took the time to check them out. After seeing The Muppets, I feel I should look back at the older stuff. I found myself thoroughly enjoyed with the satirical, self-aware humor and downright cheesiness they brought to the table.

The story goes: Gary (Jason Segel) and Walter (voiced by Peter Linz) are brothers, but what differs them is the fact that Gary is a human, and Walter is a fucking puppet. In a world where humans and felt puppets live together, Walter has a few issues with fitting in with the humans around him. Usually height problems, but Gary is there to cheer him up. As a kid, Walter discovered The Muppet Show and fell in love with their puppet silliness.

The years go by as Gary and Walter grow up watching every bit of The Muppets they can. Because he is such a nice guy, Gary is taking his girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) to Los Angeles and they invite Walter along to come see the Muppet Theater. They soon discover that bad guy Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) is looking to buy out the theater to drill for oil. In attempts to stop it, the three go out to try and help reunite the gang.

After persuading Kermit the Frog to try and bring the gang back, they head out on a road trip to get their friends. The find friends such as Fozzie Bear, Animal, Gonzo, Ms. Piggy and there’s even a fun montage of the rest of the gang and what they are doing now. They all do some hard work to buff up the theater and put on a special telethon show to gain ten million dollars to buy their theater back.

The Muppets brings quite a few things to the table. It brings a lot of heart. Walter has always felt as an outcast, but the Muppets brings him in and accept him for what he is, not what material he is made of (whether its human flesh or felt). It brings some heartwarming moments where his idols welcome him as part of the crew.

It also brings some great humor. A lot of it is merely self-referential and aware of obvious silly situations, but that is what gives it so much charm. Well, that and the fact Jason Segel stars in, and helped write it. That man is a walking aura of charm, humor, and wit. And with a great list of celebrity cameos, you are sure to get a good laugh somewhere in there.

With heart and humor, you also get a good load of musical numbers in there. Most are pretty catchy and still humorous. They add a great element to the rest of the movie.

With those elements and more, the whole movie fits well together. It’s a kind of movie where the main actors/actresses can sit back and relax. Segel and Adams play their knowingly cheesy roles well, being oblivious when needed and interacting with the puppet cast-mates naturally.

There isn’t much I can say is bad about it. There wasn’t too much conflict to get any sort of worry, but hey, it’s a kid’s movie. It’s just fun!

Overall, The Muppets is such a splendid and heartwarming movie that can bring out the kid inside nearly any adult. As for kids, it will introduce them to the same characters that their parents grew up with to bring along for their lives. Its meta humor brings out the charm that they were known for back in the day. It is just good fun for the whole family; for ones new to Muppets and the long-time fans.

I personally enjoyed it. It made me feel like a kid again. Not many kid movies nowadays can do that to me. My humor has been skewed by some messed up shit I have seen, but this still gets to the core of me. Awesome Show, Great Job!

The Muppets – 8/10

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