The Metal Roundup – August 19th, 2011

I know it’s been a while, but some pretty cool stuff has been happening as of late.  Let’s get right to it.

Southern California Brutal Death Metal masters, Pathology, have debuted the first song off of their upcoming album Awaken To The Suffering titled “Media Consumption”.

Check out the track over at Lambgoat.

I love these guys.  Brutal Death is a hit and miss genre with me, but Pathology are by far one of the best out there.  Formed by former Cattle Decapitation drummer Dave Astor and Being Killed‘s Tim Tiszczenko, they have been putting out some of the heaviest and filthiest BDM released as of late.  “Media Consumption” sees the band further expanding on their already massive sound and I can’t wait to hear what else the album has in store.  Their previous effort, Legacy Of The Ancients, was a masterpiece and AttS seems like it will be even better.

Awaken To The Suffering comes out September 13th via Victory Records.  Pre-order it here.

You may remember a few weeks ago when I talked about the upcoming Circle Takes The Square EP Rites Of Initiation.  Apparently it is just the first part in a 2 part album release titled Decompositions Vol. 1.  Well now we get our first taste of the band’s first album in seven years in the form of the song “Way Of Ever-Branching Paths”.

The increasingly metal-friendly NPR has the track available for streaming.  Check it out.

I’ve already explained how excited I am for this release.  I’ve been a long time fan of these guys; their esoteric blend of metallic post-hardcore, progressive rock, and punk is one of a kind and still stands as one of the hardest to define styles out there.  The new song is very promising and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

Guitarist/vocalist Drew Speziale released this statement regarding the track:

“Way of Ever-Branching Paths” has the most labyrinthine structure of the songs on Rites of Initiation, and the lyrics were largely inspired by all those twists and turns. We realized about halfway through writing it that we were building a maze of notes and riffs. We wanted to add another dimension to that hallway of mirrors by referencing the creative and emotional challenges that arose throughout the process of completing our record. I think most of the difficulties we experienced were probably some of the universal mile-markers on a path toward creative expression, and I started to look at the parallels between the “artistic journey” and the “rites of passage” utilized by many long-standing cultures and traditions. Those ideas filtered into the four tracks that make up the new EP.

The full album, Decompositions Vol. 1, will hit shelves in November, but in the meantime the band will be releasing the EP Rites Of Initiation via Bandcamp this upcoming Tuesday, August 23rd.  Make sure to check it out.

Tech-Death-Prog-Mettalers The Faceless have released the first studio update from their long-awaited third as-yet-untitled album, showcasing new bassist Evan Brewer‘s nasty skills behind his 4-string prowess.  Watch it.

These guys blew up in popularity after the release of their last album, the masterpiece of tech-deathy goodness, Planetary Duality.  From the tiny snippets I could hear in the video, it sounds like their new one is going to be just as juicy.  Rumor has it that the band is going in a much more progressive direction with this new one, that could “alienate some of the bands older fans”.  It’s pretty doubtful I’ll be one of them, considering my love for progressive death metal is basically undying.

There’s no release date on the untitled effort yet, but we can probably expect it sometime in early 2012.

Finally, as if there weren’t already enough badass tours this fall, masters of planetary obliteration GWAR will be teaming up with Every Time I Die for the “Return of the Maggot” tour!

Dates here.

I’m not a huge fan of ETID anymore, but GWAR fucking rule!  They put on one of the most entertaining and fun live shows I’ve ever seen.  So gather your white T-shirts and booze and make sure you don’t miss this one.

Well, that’s it for now.  See you next week(ish).

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