The Mechanic Review

If you want to see a movie with guns, action, and explosions then The Mechanic is for you. I went into this film thinking that it had a lot of potential to be a kick ass movie and needless to say, I didn’t walk out disappointed. The Mechanic definitely delivered in all of those categories. It even had its times where you found yourself laughing pretty hard. All in all it was a very well done movie.

Jason Statham plays the character Arthur Bishop. Arthur’s job is classified as simply “a mechanic”. That being said, he really is an elite assassin who is very talented with his work. He takes it very serious and also takes pride in knowing that he is very good at distancing himself from his job. If he couldn’t distance himself he’d have problems and could possibly get caught up in certain situations.This whole distancing himself thing is going great, that is up until his mentor is murdered. Once this happens all the gloves are off. He then embarks on his self proclaimed assignment for revenge on those that were responsible for the set up. His mentor’s son, Steve, played by Ben Foster, then enters the mix when he wants the exact same thing for his father. The one exception is, Steve is not a “mechanic”. Arthur then teaches Steve everything on how to become what he is. You watch them both just plow through anything and everything that gets in their way.

You might sit there and say, well this movie is pretty predictable because all revenge movies are the same. To be honest, I had an idea where this movie was going. However at the same time I was surprised with a lot of stuff that I didn’t necessarily expect. There were a few twists and turns that surprised the heck out of me. I’m obviously not going to mention them because they would be big spoilers. Just be aware that it might not be exactly as you expect.

The acting was pretty good. Honestly, where do I begin. Jason Statham or Ben Foster? Jason Statham is awesome at playing a character whose whole role is to be bad ass. It almost seems to me that all of his movies are kind of a like. He simply plays the character that gets to drive nice cars, shoot a lot of guns, and kick everyone’s ass. I don’t blame him for playing these roles, he is good at it. His past movies include Transporter, Crank, Death Race, and many more. Looking at all of them, he drives cars, shoots guns, and kicks ass. Simple enough, play what you are good at. Now onto Ben Foster. From what I’ve seen, Foster is such a talented actor all around. Granted the selection I’ve seen him do is relatively small, it still is very well done. I think he has a lot of potential and has a very solid career in front of him. Foster’s past movies include 3:10 to Yuma, The Messenger, Pandorum, and many others.

One of the quotes that you see a few times throughout the movie is “Victory Loves Preparation”. This is obviously a good principle to base a hit man action movie around. The preparation taken by Statham’s character towards every assignment is the very reason he is the best. He is a machine at what he does. You can tell the preparation paid off like a charm in The Mechanic.

The Mechanic is definitely a movie that you need to go out and see if you are looking for an action packed movie. With the storyline already pretty good, the stuff that surprised me just made it even better. You will not be disappointed when you walk out of the theater. I walked out saying how awesome the movie was. Who knows, you might even find yourself laughing throughout quite a bit of the movie. I know I did.

The Mechanic – 8.5/10

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