The Lincoln Lawyer Review

This weekend the box office throws us three different movies. One of which is The Lincoln Lawyer, starring Matthew McConaughey. I’ve been seeing trailers for this for quite a while and each time I’ve seen them I found myself saying that this could be an interesting movie. I personally like the crime and drama genres, and I felt like this one could definitely contend by the looks of the trailer. When it came down to it, the cast looked like a nice setup, the concept looked like it could work, the director – never heard of him. Let’s hope that last bit has no impact on how the movie flows. This movie is based off a book by the best-selling crime writer, Michael Connelly. I haven’t read the book, so I will not be able to comment on how closely this movie follows it unfortunately.

The Lincoln Lawyer is about a lawyer named Mickey Haller who is played by Matthew McConaughey. Haller is a defense attorney in Los Angeles who is based right out of the back of his vehicle (hence the name). He has defended his share of criminals and his share of innocent individuals and clearly shows that he is good as his craft. One of his friends gives him the heads up of a case that is going to land in his lap and that it is a golden case to be taking. Both of whom think that it is a straight forward case, nothing special. The case leads him to defend Louis Roulet, played by Ryan Phillippe, a very wealthy, young individual. Louis is being charged with rape and attempted murder against someone who he had met in a bar. However this case that is suppose to be easy and straight forward is anything but. Certain information soon comes to light as Haller and his team start digging into Roulet’s life. The more information that is added to the puzzle the more deadly the puzzle becomes. So in a sense, the more knowledge Haller knows, the more dangerous it becomes for him and his family.

As stated above, you have Matthew McConaughey playing Mickey and Ryan Philleppe playing Louis. I felt like these two did an excellent job acting. I felt like it was very genuine and had plenty of depth. I will admit I haven’t seen McConaughey in anything since Tropic Thunder and How to Lose a Guy in 10 days but I felt like he did a fantastic job in this very serious role. As for Ryan Philleppe, the last thing I saw him in was MacGruber. It was interesting to see him play the character where he was the rich boy who pretty much got everything that he wanted. The Lincoln Lawyer also brings you the likes of Marisa Tomei as Maggie, Mickey’s ex wife, William H. Macy as Frank, Mickey’s informant, and Michael Peña as Jesus Martinez, Mickey’s former client. All in all, I would have to say that this movie has a very solid cast at it’s helm.

Personally, I think that there are quite a few things that actually worked with this film. Not only did the acting work, but the fact that it’s one big puzzle made it work for me also. It has you trying to piece everything together while it is still happening and unfolding. I didn’t quite know what to expect as the movie went on. Was it going to go one way or the other? Another thing that I liked about this movie was that it didn’t feel long or boring. Does this movie have replay value? That’s still up for debate. I think that if I were to see it once more some things would become more clearer than they are now. However, as it stands, I feel like this wouldn’t necessarily have a lot of replay value. I feel like once you have figured out all the little details of the puzzle, there won’t really be a need to watch it again.

When it comes to the things that I didn’t like about this movie, there weren’t very many. The main concern that I had with The Lincoln Lawyer was that is was pretty unoriginal. I mean, the storyline doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to these types of movies. You have your lawyer who gets the case of their career, and he faces difficulties that include danger to his loved ones and even himself. Another thing that felt really weird about this movie was that even though Haller was a lawyer, he seemed to be doing all the police work. That is all I’m going to say on that topic, otherwise it might spoil it.

My final thoughts on The Lincoln Lawyer? Well I enjoyed myself throughout the entire movie. I felt like it has a good concept on the storyline, even though it is not an original one. The acting was terrific, it was really nice to see McConaughey back into movies that are not cheesy romantic comedies. The supporting cast was just as impressive as McConaughey. This is definitely a movie that everyone should check out if given the chance.

The Lincoln Lawyer – 8.5/10

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