The Hunger Games Countdown

Sorry Twi-hards – there is a new love triangle in the world of fiction, and this one also comes with a kick-ass plot, a female character with some serious skills, and a pretty impressive political scheme. And, oh yeah – no one sparkles.

Of course, I can only be talking about The Hunger Games. The hype surrounding the biggest movie premiere of the spring only continues to increase, and there is no slowing this crazy train. From a national mall tour to advanced ticket sales that started over a month before the premiere date, everything that Lionsgate is doing to promote this movie seems to only further the craze that has been building since we gobbled up the books, praying for the day the movie would be released.

So now, we wait for March 23 with eager anticipation, speculating about everything: What will Katniss’ dress look like? How will they have designed the arena? Will the cast members complement the character they have been cast as? How ridiculous will Effie Trinket look? And on the list goes…

For those of you who have yet to read the books – I only sigh and shake my head at you with ever so slight amusement, but mostly indignation and disgust. Read the books, people! You will curse yourself if you don’t, but mostly your friends who have already read the books will curse you, as you will leave the theater questioning everything to come. And they will all want to kill you.

I promise you – at least one person you know owns a copy, so beg them to let you borrow it. I can wholly attest to the fact that you will not be able to put it down. And once you finish the first book, you will immediately feel the need to find the next two books and devour them as quickly as possible. Only then will you understand the panic that has taken over the world.

As you spend the next twelve days fantasizing about the world of The Hunger Games and Josh Hutcherson‘s dreamy eyes (amongst other things), stay tuned for some fascinating discussions about various The Hunger Games related content. Current topics on the docket include: Casting Choices, Most Anticipated Moments, and Politics of The Hunger Games. If you have an idea for a topic that you would be interested in me featuring, email me at

So, fellow fans, mark your calendars as we begin the final countdown!

12 days until The Hunger Games

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