The Hunger Games Countdown: The Sequels

I know, I know – the first movie hasn’t even come out yet, and I’m already moving on to the sequels; however, there is great reason as to why I am already bringing this up, and it has to do with the ridiculous idea that once again, three books need to have four movies.  That’s right, it seems as though The Hunger Games Trilogy will follow in the steps of it’s young adult book-to-movie series predecessors (i.e., The Twilight Saga and Harry Potter) and will have four movies spread out over the three-book storyline.

While this is currently only a rumor (I read about this in both Parade and Entertainment Weekly), I could easily see how this will come to fruition, providing the first two movies are as successful as Lionsgate hopes for them to be.  If the success of other recent young adult movie series is any indication of the height of popularity that this series could reach, then I don’t doubt the rumors.

In my honest opinion, The Hunger Games book trilogy could probably have been combined into two books.  While I thoroughly enjoyed the story that continued, realistically, the third book was more of a very, very drawn out epilogue, and had Suzanne Collins been more shrewd about her plot delivery, a third book would have been moot.  Now, I understand that in a business sense, a third book was more profitable; however, the fact that the third book was not really necessary makes it even more ridiculous that the series now requires four movies.

Frankly, the first movie already has such hype built up around it that I cannot see Lionsgate losing out on the opportunity to make a gargantuan profit from a fourth über-successful sequel.  In addition to the profit generated from ticket and DVD sales, there are additional forms of profit that come from the movie soundtracks, assorted paraphernalia, and other ridiculous for sale items, like Barbies made in the likeness of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss or Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket.

Providing the sequels that are released make good use of the characters and provide a decent portrayal of what happened in the books, I think I can bear the addition of a fourth movie; however, if the producers/directors/writers fail to ensure that the movies stay on par with the level of execution from the first movie (providing that it is a success), I think it will merely be a waste of what could have been a strong series.

5 days until The Hunger Games

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