The Hunger Games Countdown: Stuff

I can’t say I have ever been one to literally buy into the hype created by pop culture influences. Sure, I will see the movie and possibly buy the DVD, but in terms of movie merchandise, I find most of it to be incredibly worthless and simply a marketing ploy to take more money than I have already spent. (Okay, in interest of full disclosure I do own several The Big Bang Theory t-shirts; however they do serve a function.) Still, I can’t help but be intrigued by some of the interesting, amusing, and often downright insane products that are mass produced for the fans of a series.

So, for your enjoyment (or, perhaps purchase), here are my favorite The Hunger Games movie items I have found so far:

The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook
With everything from lamb stew to “Groosling,” this cookbook contains recipes inspired by The Hunger Games trilogy. This is one of the more functional items that I have seen (besides the obvious apparel items), and an upside is that there are a few sample recipes visible, making it easier to see if the cookbook would be a good investment, or merely an interesting conversation piece.

District 12 Strategy Game
There are a few different The Hunger Games board and card games, but this one seemed the most intriguing. You play to keep yourself out of the reaping – collect food, hunt, and earn money.

Jewelry, T-shirts & Posters
In addition to the unusual, there are the practical – T-shirts with district logos, Mockingjay jewelry, and different movie posters. Nothing out of the ordinary, by any stretch of the imagination, but definitely cool items for the fan who wants to represent their appreciation for the series, yet not come off as too into it.

For the avid The Hunger Games fan searching for a more collectible item, NECA will be releasing many replica-style movie items this spring, including replica props – the coolest one so far? Katniss’ bow. Check out the full preview of products found on the Idle Hands blog page:

I will be interested to see what other products come out as the series continues – usually the crazier the fans get, the weirder the stuff that you can buy becomes.

4 days until The Hunger Games

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