The Hunger Games Countdown: Recap

Well fellow fans, tonight’s the night! At midnight, the moment you have been waiting for will be here, as The Hunger Games movie finally graces the big screen. I hope that I have done my part in preparing you for the awesomeness of The Hunger Games – for the last ten days, I have lived, breathed, and dreamed The Hunger Games as I have attempted to come up with some interesting, original material for your enjoyment and enrichment.

As far as I’m concerned, my resources are spent; and while there are certainly things that I could talk about, I think a discussion about the politics of The Hunger Games is both unnecessary and a bit ridiculous at this point. So, today’s post will merely be a recap of the most important things I would like to leave you with before you see the movie:

1. Buy Your Tickets Now!
I know a lot of theaters have added multiple screenings to accommodate the large influx of moviegoers that will be attending this weekend. Some theaters have 4-5 screenings showing at the same time during peak hours this weekend. Still, I would highly advise that you buy your tickets now to avoid the long lines that will definitely exist in every theater nationwide. Additionally, as Jeremy commented earlier, if you are not going to the theater to see The Hunger Games this weekend, it might be a wise decision to stay in, rather than battle the mobs of crazies.

2. Refresh Your Memory
I just read the book a few months ago, and even though I have been writing about it every day, I still have problems remembering the characters and certain pieces of crucial plot. Take use of my handy spoiler-free plot summary and character guide to refresh your memory and keep everything straight!

3. Get There Early
Get to the theater early! Especially if you haven’t read the books, it is IMPERATIVE you see the first minute of the movie, as it sets up the plot by telling you about the history of the Hunger Games. Please don’t be the obnoxious person crawling over people to get to the one seat left in the theater, because I have to think that it will probably be that crazy.

4. Enjoy It!
Enjoy the experience – I hope you are planning on going to see it this weekend! I think it is worth your $10; put it this way – I already saw it, and I’m seeing it again on Saturday. I’m not the kind of person who spends money willy-nilly like that, so I would say it’s a fair sign that it is well worth both your time and money. If that still doesn’t convince you, check out my full review of the movie tomorrow (it will be up at midnight!).

ONE DAY until The Hunger Games

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