The Hunger Games Countdown: It’s Getting Crazy

I will admit, I was behind the times for the entire Harry Potter franchise, and didn’t really care to see the Twilight movies immediately upon release; however, because of my attachment to The Hunger Games, I am starting to realize how ridiculous people get when it comes to their obsessions. With that being said, I have put together a list of friendly reminders in your preparation for your theater visit, lest you be mauled by a stampede of crazies.

1. Get There Early
I don’t care if you have pre-purchased your tickets (see more on point #2), I don’t care if your friend is saving your seat, I don’t care if you are the freaking president, do not be the person who shows up ten minutes into the movie and expect for people to smile and be eager to stand up and miss important pieces of dialogue because you didn’t have the decency to get your butt to the theater on time. Additionally, if this means that you are going to be asking the other people in your party to catch you up on what has happened so far, I hope someone kicks you in the face. If this describes you ever, please do everyone a favor and just stay home.

2. Buy Your Tickets in Advance
Because of the lack of advanced screenings available for The Hunger Games, I have prepared myself for the awful idea that I may actually have to wait until after the movie has been released to see it. It is now 9 days until the movie releases, and almost every screening I have looked at is nearing capacity for their online ticket sales. That being said, if you have even the slightest desire to see the movie opening weekend, I would highly recommend buying your tickets now. If you show up at the theater expecting to get into the matinee screening on Friday without having thought to buy your tickets ahead of time, I promise that it will be sold out, and no one will feel sorry for you not being able to see it. In all seriousness, I hope whoever is at the ticket counter laughs in your face.

3. Brush Up
Okay, I know in my first post I bashed on those of you who have yet to read the books; and I really do understand that some people just don’t have the time, etc. In any case, the fact still remains that if you are the obnoxious person who leaves the theater asking your friends who have already read the books, “What’s going to happen next?” or “What was that one girl’s name?” and other similarly annoying questions, you may find yourself without a ride home. If anything at all, brush up on the basics by reading a synopsis of the book’s plot (or, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, which will do just that!).

While I know that these tips may seem like simple movie-going ettiquette, I have to say, I don’t know many people that even know the basics of being a normal, polite human being, much less being able to attend a movie without irritating everyone around them. Regardless, I just thought I would do everyone a favor and refresh the minds of all to make this release an enjoyable experience for all in attendance!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post – a spoiler-free plot overview for all of you who have yet to enjoy the books.

9 days until The Hunger Games

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