The Hunger Games Countdown: Dress the Part

I know with big series releases, there are often psyched up fans who attend the midnight showing decked out in full costume in support of their favorite character. I can’t say that’s something I’ve ever done, but for those of you who dare to go there – Bravo! I have seen some pretty amazing fan creations, from eerily lifelike Voldemorts to hairy-footed Hobbits and unfortunate-looking Edwards.

With The Hunger Games movie release looming, the time to prep your fantastic costume becomes increasingly shorter. I am definitely interested to see how people will be dressed up for this premiere; I can’t believe there will be too many people dressed up in more than a The Hunger Games or “Team Peeta” T-shirt. Perhaps there will be the wild fashionista that appears in full-out Effie Trinket garb? Whatever your style, extreme or more reserved, these are some interesting ideas I have seen if you are looking to sport the styles of your favorite characters:

Reserved Fan
For the more reserved fan who hopes to glitter in the shadows, China Glaze’s “Capitol Colors” line based on The Hunger Games would be a smart choice. I personally love China Glaze products, as the color shows up with only one or two light coats, doesn’t chip too easily, and has a really nice shiny finish. The colors in this line are fairly reserved, but my favorite, “Riveting,” a bright red-orange with gold glitter granules, reminds me of Katniss’ dress during her interview with Caesar Flickerman.

Casual Fan
For the person that wants to be recognized as a fan, but not seem too ostentatious, a nice T-shirt or pullover would be a great addition to any fan’s wardrobe. I’ve found some pretty cool and original designs on They have tons of sizes, colors, and designs that appeal to both the male and female fan.

My pick for the guys is a simple charcoal grey tee with a black Mockingjay logo. My favorite part about this shirt is the site description that reads “hides stains better too,” so if you are the guy who spills a lot, this might be the pick for you.

My pick for the ladies is a tie between the Effie Trinket “Happy Hunger Games” tee (L) and the “I Heart Peeta” tee (R). Each are available in a selection of colors (I know for some of you, the full-on baby-pink tee might be a bit much) and sizes. I think each of these are fun, and show a bit of personality.

Crazy Fan
For the fan who loves movie premieres, as they are an excuse to dress up like it’s Halloween, I have found some pretty cool fan-created outfits on Polyvore and Pinterest, which inspired me to create my own collages.

For a more classy look, I have a mock Effie Trinket reaping outfit:

For a style that is slightly more outlandish, I have a Caesar interview outfit:

To view the items that I used to create these outfits, visit my Polyvore page:

I’m interested to see what all of you are going to wear to the movie – I think I’m going to play the part of the subdued fan – in fact, I might have to go out and get that nail polish tonight…

Two days until The Hunger Games

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