The Hunger Games Continues To Bore With This Latest Poster

Lionsgate is handling The Hunger Games in a really odd fashion. You’d think their goal would be to target the marketing towards people that aren’t familiar with the source material. Instead, they’ve chosen to just cater to the fans and leave the rest of us in the shadows. This latest poster, provided by Bad Ass Digest is just as boring and confusing as the full-length trailer they released not too long ago.

As an outsider I have no idea what the significance of that logo everyone seems to be staring it. I also don’t really feel the need to find out. I wonder when they plan on rolling out the big guns and really pump up the advertising campaign? The film comes out in just 3 months and the buzz still hasn’t started up. The ball is in your court Lionsgate.

The Hunger Games opens on March 23rd, 2012.

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