The Human Centipede 3 Boasts Its Body Count

The movie cesspool that is The Human Centipede series unveils some details into their third (and thankfully final) installment: The Human Centipede (Final Sequence).

The first movie introduced a subtle body horror that wasn’t as gory as you’d think, and really brought your imagination to life. There was humor and it actually worked. Constantly referencing his failed attempts with his beloved Three-Dog. Who could forget the memorable line: “Shit, I have to shit!” as a Japanese Man took took a shit in a poor American girls mouth

The second merely threw away all subtlety and imagination and gave you the gritty, bloody, and who could forget, shitty disaster of a movie that was barely that. It featured a fat man obsessed with the first movie, who would pleasure himself with sandpaper and sleep in his own filth and shit.

If you thought the ridiculousness was done, you are certainly not prepared for what is about to come. First Sequence was a mere 3 person-pede, Full Sequence was a stupid 12 person-pede, and for the third, expect a fucking 500 person-pede.

Yes, 500 people somehow attached ass to mouth. It will be messy, it will be stupid, it will be awful.

Thanks to Twitch Film for the story. Really. Thanks.

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