The Human Centipede 2 Review

If you have seen the first Human Centipede and thought it was the sickest film out there, I believe this movie is for you. Yes, the first film managed to break some awkward taboos and bring up some disgusting concepts, but let’s be real, there are worse movie out there. You know it, I know it, and Tom Six sure as hell knows it. I think what motivates Tom Six is the fact that people think his work is disgusting, so he has to try and top himself to prove it is in fact not the worst. This is where we get The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence.

The Human Centipede 2 is a step up from the first. Hell, it’s a whole level up from what I saw. This movie illustrates the sick and twisted mind of Tom Six. No human should ever think of what this man creates. To get you leveled up, let’s go through the very thin story:

Meet Martin (Laurence R. Harvey). He is, I guess you could say, a loner. Martin is a very loyal fan of The Human Centipede. In fact, he obsesses over every detail of the medically accurate procedure in the film. He has this whole book of written ideas to create his own centipede. Three people is for sissies; twelve people is where the fun is at.

To get the idea of Martin, you would have to visit his home life. He sleeps in his own shit and slop as his crazy and suicidal mother yells at him and tells him he is worthless. Martin had some dad issues and with that comes some messed up thoughts and brutal masturbatory habits. He has a doctor who visits him who I’m pretty sure wants to bang him. He also has an over aggressive neighbor from the apartment above who blares his music and beats the shit out of Martin. His life is pretty crappy and the only thing he cares about is his pet centipede and the film.

Now that you know about Martin a little more, you can kind of see why he is obsessed with the film. Well, maybe not. Anyway, he works in a parking garage late at night and he catches his victims there. He watches them through the security cameras and when they seem to be locked out of their cars or at a faulty ATM, he strikes. By “strikes”, I mean bashes them over their head with a crowbar. There is no subtlety in this film. After he catches all twelve victims, he is ready to begin. But with trouble at home, he manages to snag a few more victims, including the Ashlynn Yennie from the first film.

So with the first two-thirds of the movie out of the way, this movie takes its gruesome, vile, and disgusting turn towards insanity with lots of blood and poop. In a sequence of showing a man who has no surgical history try and sew more than twelve people together, there is lots of cringe worthy parts in it. From knocking out teeth, to taking out knee caps, to cutting skin grafts off the ass of a guy, it really takes you through a visual shit storm with sound effects that get to you even if you try and close your eyes. It was honestly one of the most graphic movie scenes I have ever seen. The capstone of this was when he injects each segment of the centipede with laxatives. I don’t think I need to go much further from there.

Okay, so it is gruesome. How does this stand as a movie? Not good at all. There is hardly a strong enough story to support this giant scene of human torture. It pretty much is what it is: A disturbed mentally handicapped man who obsesses over a movie and tries to make his own creation. I feel you would get more story and thought if you watched a real snuff film.

Laurence Harvey plays the creepy silent fat guy well. The only audible sound he makes is when he cries, giggles, or tires to entertain children. His character is very forceful with his violence. When he wants something, he ensures he gets it.

I give Tom Six credit for being one sick mother fucker. I could never think of such messed up ideas as sewing three people together ass-to-mouth, let alone 12+. He really pushes the limit for gore that hasn’t really been pushed since the Saw movies and some scenes from Hostel. With those movies, you at least get something to pull you through the torture and gore. This is just angry, hateful human torture with no motifs besides an obsession with a film.

Overall, I would say The Human Centipede 2 takes the first movie to the extreme. It leaves out only what the editors decided was too obscene and gruesome for theaters. The cut I saw did not feature any sort of barbed wire covered rape that was widely talked about over the internet, but I think I can live without. You get to see more of the procedure, but from an amateurs point, so it’s done completely wrong. With all the gore, you lose any sort of story that brings this together as a film. It is merely just something to exploit, shock, and horrify the viewers. But hey, it was the viewers who had this coming. Tom Six only wanted to show how fucked up he can be because his previous work was claimed to be extreme. Boy were they wrong. Now Six is surely in the works for the third sequence of this. No one knows what filth will spew out of this man’s mind when it is released, but let’s hope smell-o-vision isn’t re-invented by then.

The Human Centipede 2 – 4.5/10

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