The Host 2 & Clerks III Coming To Theaters In 2014


First up on the announcement block is the sequel for The Host, which is now scheduled for a release sometime in 2014. The previous footage that we released a while ago wasn’t actually part of the film, but was instead a test reel for what was to come. Director Park Myung-chun hasn’t even begun filming yet, which means we’ve got a long ways to go before a proper trailer gets in front of our eyes.

Also, Kevin Smith‘s rumored Clerks III is now planned to be released next year, to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Clerks, which came out in 1994. I’m wondering if that date is actually going to stick or if he’s going to delay it a couple more years so that he can try and tie it into a TV mini-series or something, like his current production Hit Somebody.

Source : Twitch


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